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Why do we use Personal Science?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We use the premise of personal science for our own self-awareness, self-knowledge, and personal development.

Our focus is psychological because, during our lifetimes, we have both come to terms with an essential truth of our human condition: the persistent state of happiness (at least the fairytale variety) doesn’t exist. Yet, it is the pursuit of that state that allows us to endure the many difficulties and challenges in life. Our lives, then, are filled with a constant influx of emotions that we each have to strive to balance.  

That balance looks differently for each of us.

Many tools exist to help us attain some form of emotional balance: psychotropics, psychotherapy, meditation, politics, relationships, even religion for some. We both have attempted most of these at some point in our lives. However, the first step in our own journey is to admit that we have not found that balance yet. In fact, we do not know what that balance even looks like.

In our blog, we hope to use an imperfect vision of personal science to understand our emotions and what drives them--finding patterns in our data that we hope will help us lead better lives.

Of course the “N-of-1” approach presented here might not reveal any fundamental understanding of reality or humanity, but perhaps it can elucidate something fundamental about each of us individually: What makes us tick? What really drives us? What makes us feel joy, or sadness, or fear, or any other emotion?

It may only be N-of-1, but for each of us that “1” is the most important “1” there is to learn about.

Through that “1” is how we directly experience the world, the only reality we know exists. With a little bit of study and insight averaged over many days, we invite you to get to know your “1”, as we each get to know ours.

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